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Therapy for Depression

You can learn how to cope with your depression.

Choose your path for hope and healing with counseling. Do you feel a sadness or hopelessness that just won’t go away? Maybe you spend hours crying or just feel nothing at all. Do you just not want to do the things that you used to like to do? Maybe you just sit in the dark in silence or stare blankly at the tv. Do you feel alone, isolated- like no one really understands or even cares? Have your friends or family told you to “shake it off” or “just think happy thoughts”?


I can come to you in the comfort of your home. We can go for a walk, or sit by the beach. You can learn the skills and coping strategies to challenge the negative thoughts, find hope, and compassion. You can learn to heal from the sadness, the hurt, and the pain. You can learn to live your life with purpose, acceptance, and renewed energy. Call me at 727-479-6041 for a complimentary consultation. We can work together so that you can find

  • Inner peace and contentment
  • Better focus on what matters
  • Learn to settle the mind
  • Find happiness, joy, and hope
  • Resilience
  • Improve your relationships
  • Improve your health

Let’s sit on your couch, go for a walk, or sit by the beach and walk down a path of healing, hope, and wellness. Let’s reclaim your life. Call me at 727-479-6041 for your complimentary consultation.