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Counseling and Support for Caregiver Stress and Anxiety

You put on your caregiver superhero costume and move through your day and night dedicating your time to provide the love and care to take care of someone else’s needs. Maybe that loved one is your spouse who suffers from dementia. Or, perhaps she is your child who has special needs. He could be your partner who had an accident at work and now has serious injuries. Or, your sister has received a chronic illness diagnosis and can no longer tend to all of her needs. 

The Superhero Caregiver

Whatever the situation, it likely seems that you are on a long, lonely, and terrifying road. This road is full of demands and pressures that seem to have taken over your life. You often wonder, “does anyone even understand what I’m dealing with here?” 

Your days have become an ongoing and seemingly never ending whirlwind of household duties, caregiving needs, and navigation of the confusing maze of medical care and insurance benefits (What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?) You feel that pressure to make important life decisions all by yourself. (A living will? What is that?) 

Tired…. it’ s way beyond tired! Let’s call it exhaustion. When you’re not providing care you are worrying about providing care and planning how to do it. When you manage to get into bed, your mind runs around all the problems, the what if’s, and plans for tomorrow. 

Other times, your mind travels back to those memories of a happier and simpler time. You don’t get a good night’s sleep and feel like you’re running on empty. You don’t have the time, the focus, the energy, or even the desire to work, socialize, or take care of you. 

The loneliness and isolation are overwhelming. Maybe some family conflict has arisen. Or, maybe you just don’t have support from other people in the family. Your friends just don’t seem to understand the pressures, the anxiety, and the sorrow that you live with each day. Some of them have even stopped calling because you haven’t had the time to see them.

 If only, you had someone who could understand your worries, fears, and sadness you feel as you watch your special someone suffer. You think about how nice it would be to have some support to help you through the burn out, guilt, and hopelessness you face. You wonder, is there someone who can listen to me and I can feel safe enough to tell, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this!”.


Let’s take a moment to pause together. Take a slow breath in and release it. Now imagine, a safe space where you can find relief from the pressure building up inside of you. A time dedicated JUST FOR YOU when you can share the fears, the sorrows, and the pains that you face each and every day and night in your caregiving role. 

Let’s take the steps together so that you can learn how to find the strength to continue down the caregiving path.


I understand that, as a caregiver, you have many demands and pressures on your schedule. That’s why I can create a sacred space in the comfort of your home or another location that you prefer. We can have our telehealth video session for your counseling appointment that best fits into the demands of your schedule.

You don’t need to worry about finding time to drive to and from an appointment or sitting in a strange office. I strive to make our time together a personal retreat that you look forward to each time we meet. 

I will teach you cognitive and mindfulness based coping skills so that you can learn to live in the present moment, without judgment, and with loving kindness. You can learn to release the pressures, stop following the endless thoughts on your mind, and reclaim your life. 

If you desire relief from your stress and anxiety, support in safe and comforting space, and answers to your caregiver questions, then please call me at 727-479-6041 for complimentary consultation to begin your journey.