Group Support

Take a Step Towards Relief With Group Support

At Path For Change, we believe that groups can help you to move  forward with your steps on your path. We will be offering a variety of support groups, educational groups, and self-help groups facilitated by a licensed therapist, Sara Graff, LCSW. 

In these groups, you can experience a supportive environment to explore your challenges, share experiences, and learn from others who have faced similar experiences as you. under the guidance of experienced therapists.

Why Choose Group Therapy?

Group therapy offers unique benefits that individual therapy may not provide:

  • Supportive Community: In a group setting, you'll find understanding and encouragement from others who are facing similar struggles. You'll realize you're not alone in your experiences and gain strength from the collective support of the group.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Interacting with individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences can offer valuable insights and alternative perspectives. This diversity enriches the therapy process and encourages personal growth and understanding.

  • Skill Building: Group sessions often incorporate skill-building exercises and techniques that can be applied in real-life situations. You'll learn practical tools for managing emotions, improving communication, and enhancing coping strategies.

Current Group Offerings:

Anxiety Peer Support Group

Women’s Anxiety Relief: Quiet your mind; Find your Calm. Get Support.

The supportive environment of this anxiety peer group offers women with anxiety a safe space to express their emotions and vulnerabilities without fear of judgment. Through mutual encouragement and empathy, members can offer each other emotional support, motivation, and reassurance during difficult times. This can help alleviate feelings of stress and overwhelm, boosting overall well-being and resilience.

Please contact us to learn more about this group.